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      First off, thanks for taking the time to check out J & J Sound. We started this business because we truly enjoy helping people have a great event. When we got engaged and began planning our own wedding, we realized how crazy prices can be simply because the word "wedding" is attached. So because of our own personal experience with the costs of a wedding we decided to keep our prices at a point where it's profitable, but more couples can still afford to have an actual DJ and not rely on "uncle Hank" and his ipod. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a reliable, high-quality DJ.
      We also have very few "add-ons." Nobody likes it when they think they're getting a good deal, only to find out that to get what they want the price doubles. Our prices for wedding and reception are very affordable. And that includes meeting you beforehand, coming to your rehearsal, custom playlists, edited special dance songs if desired, setup/teardown, MC, dance lights, wireless handheld / lapel mics, making changes virtually up to the day before, and very limited day-of coordination.


We don't rent out equipment, but at our prices you can afford to hire us!


Unlike some other companies, when you hire J&J sound, you get J&J(John and Jody).

We don't hire someone to come to your event - WE come to your event.

We never charge for consultations and work hard to accommodate any requests you have.

We are licensed, insured and dedicated to giving the best service possible. 

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